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Just spend all your money traveling

So here’s the thing: you want to travel, but it’s kinda expensive.

Here’s the solution: travel your heart out and don’t worry about it.

When you travel, you experience new shit and get new ideas that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. And when you get new ideas, your life goes in new directions and stuff happens that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

So far in my experience, the older I get the more money I make. Most likely, it’ll stay like that.

If I can travel around and get an infusion of fresh ideas all the time, then my money-making curve can only increase I think right? I mean, I’ll never be makin less money than I am now.

So might as well have fun, spend money, travel, see new shit, and get rich quicker, right?

Bon voyage

Just How Valuable Is Great Content?

For a few years now there’s been lotsa talk about the value of great content — particularly in web.

As an SEO (SEO stands for search engine optimization), I can barely go a day without hearing or reading the mantra, “Content is king” — and I agree with it whole-heartedly.

But let’s take a minute to examine it a little more closely..

What happens when you make really, really great content?

If you make really great content, it’s easy to get a ton of web traffic for free.

Just look at a sites like or CollegeHumor.

These guys don’t spend money on advertising! And they’re not brilliant SEOs or social media marketers either. They just have AWESOME content (and plenty of it).

When people find it they’ll be compelled to link to it, share it, or otherwise promote it for them. And they now have avalanches of free visitors everyday.

In my business, one of the major things we do is create content for companies. And that’s the way I populate all of the other internet properties I own.

I’m always looking for ways to create great content, but I’ve learned that there’s no faking it.

You have to spend time, effort, and resources to get it done and our clients pay us pretty handsomely to do it for them. More >